Gastropods in Design

The highlight of my day yesterday was observing that three generations of  snails are eating the algae from the surfaces on the bike storage box in our garden. The surface is very good for algae as it collects dust and pollen, which break down into nutrients for algae. The surface is smooth and lovely to move along if you’re a snail, and perfect for scraping a serrated tongue against to remove the food.

They have reproduced prolifically in this little ecological niche and they are effectively cleaning off perhaps 85% of the Algae.

So why does this make me happy? Because it confirms the validity of one of the design elements in the Genuis Foci Concentrator System. In this context the snails contribution to the efficiency of the reflector system is extremely significant. The algae could if left inplace absorb up to 65% of the energy. We just need to keep in mind that the little fellas are also food so we need to provide sufficient shelter from predators…