A Unique Offer

Do you have, or do you know someone who has a large building that uses a lot of energy? Would you/they like a renewable energy generator that is visually and materially lovely to live with and who has a desire to reduce their carbon emmissions?

Solaesthetic is starting up and we want to create and install an example of our sculptural approach to renewable energy in an approriate setting. A place that we can do justice to.

We are looking for a site to play host to a permanent installation of a solar thermal generator based on the SolOpticon in conjuction with the Genuis Foci. The installation will be near the building, not on it. An appropriate place, would be a beautiful building with grounds that could accomodate a sculptural installation with some ground works and possibly architectural elements like walls and paving.

As this is the first full run at the process of designing and installing we are offering it at the cost price. (Which would be determined by the particular design for the specific site.)

If you are interested, please get in touch and we can come to discuss it with you. If you know somebody or somewhere then please draw their attention to this offer.