Looking for Partners

Solaesthetic is starting up now. It is a beautiful and worthwhile enterprise and its needs the energy and commitment of people create impact in the world.

Dan Hughes-McGrail is the founder of Solaesthetic and he is seeking partners to join him in establishing and consolidating Solaesthetic as a force for good in the world. Dan is looking for people to work with and investors. Solaesthetic’s strong ethical purpose needs people who are moved to act constructively and creatively on ecological and sustainability issues.

Solaesthetic will need the contribution of several people with differing personalities and skills in order to grow into living, profitable business.  The Solaesthetic business concept is quite well developed, but Dan wants strong minded people to bring their own ideas and to help shape Solaesthetic as it grows. He’d prefer to work with people who want to take a practical and an emotional stake. He believes that the best way for a business succeed and keep integrity, is to have it run by people who have social, emotional and financial stakes in it – People who want to nurture Solaesthetic, make it thrive and grow. Here is an opportunity to create something to be proud of, that you show your family and friends as succesful proof of your principles.

In terms of skills, an architectural and design background would be helpful for those who want to get involved in the primary creative aspects of the business, but also a this project needs constructive organizational skills – financial, legal, sales, project management etc

Solaesthetic especially needs expertise in the following areas:

Architecture, engineering design, product design, financial management, IP management, Surveying, Project management, Sales in the Heritage / Architecture / Design sectors, Digital 3D modelling/ Simulation / CAD / Generative design techniques, IT and simple coding, High level Craft Skills

Dan is a polymathic character with a unique can contribute and give guidance in all of these areas, but the best use of his abilities is in the design process, project management and overall strategy.

If you are interested in joining Dan to create Solaesthetic please read through the Ethos section of the website which describes the ethical vision  it is based on. Early investors and partners will have an opportunity to shape this framework and define the business in the early stages, but you should  at least generally agree with the ideas and principles that Solaesthetic espouses.

Contact Dan directly to discuss anything that interests you about Solaesthetic.