The wonders of Stroud

You can only marvel at this little district in the Cotswold Hills in the West of Britain. Whether by virtue of a long and deep industrial heritage the goes back the to pre steam age water powered mills, or as a lucky happenstance of contemporary economic forces, it is possible to get anything made here.

Today I picked up a water jet cut part from a small workshop sited in open farmland just 2km up the valley and up on the hill top. They have in that workshop the capacity to cut practically any shape in any material we are likely to use in our inventions. At the same time I met a Designer of water features and fountain sculpture, and this was after I’d spent the morning discovering several glass artists and designers nearby who have the capacity to make quite large works.

This experience and more just like it have inspired me to undertake a design and manufacturing capacity audit of this area. To find out who is doing what and where they are based.