Design empowered by GPU Simulation

Take a look at some of the work of Dagam Cam. He is an architect and Teacher at UCL where he is taking a leading role in researching and experimenting with the use of simulation in architectural thinking and design. He is also interested in the use of robotic manufacturing techniques in conjunction with bio – and geo simulative-design.

His examples are beautiful and interesting, but they also demonstrate how these new techniques are available to small teams and individual designers. It is now possible to achieve this level  of supercomputing processing in a studio setting with ‘ordinary’ PC’s containing affordable GPU cards. More importantly, they are being used to discover more efficient uses of material through accretion based forms. The ramifications of this kind of work will, eventually, be world changing.

Solaesthetic will be taking advantage of these kinds of techniques in Solaesthetic design process. they will help not only to develop new ideas but also to test their viability for real world scenarios. It is possible to perform extreme iterative calculations of all kinds of cyclical, generative and aggregating process. We can even speed up time to simulate the passing of decades. There is so much scope it is impossible to predict where it may take us. What we can know though, is that these methods allows us to make and test forms that could not have been made before.

Here is a link but it’s worth doing a search because he is quite prolific.