Bring on the Robots

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Here is a company, Guy Martin Design that I think represents the shape of things to come in terms of the influence of digital design methods in combination with robotic fabrication techniques. These tools, in the hands of skilled craftsmen mean that literally any imaginable form can be made. Designs that were once too labour intensive to make economically can now be made. Designs that were once too geometrically elaborate to think of let alone make, can now be made. Unique objects will eventually cost near enough the same to fabricate as mass-produced items. It’s still high-end and niche at the moment but it will disseminate to the rest of the world sooner or later. Solaesthetic will be taking part in this.

To those afraid that the roboticisation of manufacturing will kill of craft and skill I say, it may kill off some of the tedious, arduous, and basically unhealthy work situations that makers valorise as part of the discipline, but this liberates you to concentrate on design and aesthetic decisions. Bring it on!