A Host for SolOpticon?


A volunteer host site needed for the first ever SolOpticon installation.

Solaesthetic need a suitable site (i.e. somewhere beautiful) to install the first example of the SolOticon Solar Collector.  We wish to make a fully functioning, prime example which will integrate and contribute to the power needs of the host. We will raise funds to do this with a Crowdfunding campaign.

The nature of the design means that it is appropriate for large buildings with ground space surrounding them, e.g. heritage buildings, hotels, country houses, Spas etc…

The output from the collectors is heat. and is intended to provide a significant contribution to the energy needs of the property, not to replace current provision entirely.

If you are interested in hosting this marvelous thing or know someone who may be then please contact us.

Dan Hughes-McGrail

Director Solaesthetic Research and Design Limited

SolOpticon Solar Thermal Collectors